Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Newborn baby clothes shopping

I have been addicted to baby clothes shopping even before Haifa's arrival..Well, the truth is I had some bought from Melbourne back when I was a student there..whichever that hadn't been given as a gift to others. My real shopping spree(s) started since Haifa was about 26week gestation..I know some people would start shopping even earlier, some would wait till 7 months.. As for me, I'd like to wait till we're pretty sure what's the gender..plus,being a doctor who saw cases where babies born prematurely and didn't survive long enough to leave the hospital, I tried to wait for a bit..but being the shopaholic me, I just can't wait..

Of course it's always better to shop something unisex to save up money. U can recycle the clothes for future babies and also if the prediction went wrong. However, U'll soon realise that most babies' stuff will come in either blue or pink. I tried to find something in between but somehow the girly shades attracts me more.

Sizing-wise depends on how big your baby are gonna be and how true to fit the clothes are. Well, it's not easy to anticipate the weight till very late. How sure are we that the baby will stay inside till its due or 3-4weeks earlier? An average 37week old is ~2.8kg, 40w ~3.3kg. That's the birth weight for an average-sized baby, but the pace at which they will grow once they are born is another aspect to consider. Some people recommends to just skip the newborn size as some babies grow very quickly. I'm glad that I bought newborn ones. Snug-fitting clothes are so much cuter than an oversized bodysuit. My baby was considered big with 3.5kg birth weight but the newborn size are rather large for her. She weighed 4kg at 2 months and 5.3kg at 70 days of life. She wore her newborn clothes till she was 2 months old. We stopped putting those ones on as they are just too short for her even though there are still rooms horizontally. 

My take on what to buy:

1. Crossover/side-snap/kimono style bodysuit
- This is probably the most important item in your shopping list. It is so much easier to put on when u have a newborn that hasn't got a good head control yet, even so when u're struggling with a crying one. I wish baby clothing companies would make more and more of these, especially local companies. I only found one bodysuit (one unisex design) in the largest baby store in Kuala Terengganu, another one in Anakku. That's all! None of them appeals to me and it wasn't reasonably priced. I went online and found this French company named Vertbaudet with a wide range of these. They are quite pricey, but worry not, they have sales all the time! Pumpkinpatch is probably another place to look for even though they don't have as many. I remember during my visit to the baby expo in PWTC, there is one particular company who sold this kind of baby clothes (can't remember the name). The price is somewhere around ~RM15. I would have shopped from them hadn't I bought a whole lot from Vertbaudet already.
- Buy at least 4, have a combination of long and short sleeves.

2. Sleeveless bodysuit/singlets
- These are essentials during hot, sunny days, unless U have air-conditions all over your house. Even so, your baby would still need some to be worn when U're out visiting friends or relatives during hot days.
- Buy at least 2.

3. Button-down/zip-up sleepsuits
- Again, this one are easy to put on a newborn. Great for nighttime wear. U would want something that has easy access for diaper change at night. Also good for when U're taking your baby to an air-conditoned clinic.
- Buy at least 4.

4. Sets
This could be long/short sleeve tops paired with shorts/leggings/skirts/tights. Buy a few that can be matched interchangeably. Convenient for diaper change and when out for clinic's appointment. If either piece became stained, U don't have to change everything. 
- Buy at least 2 pairs.

5. Dressy outfits
- I guess these are non-essential items in your shopping list, definitely not in newborn size. I would still buy a few as U might wanna dress your baby up for events like aqiqah or close relatives wedding receptions, or just a day out.
- Buy none if wanna be frugal! Any numbers if U just like to splurge on clothes, but remember your baby might wear them once or twice only.

That's all I can think of at the moment. The numbers are just a guide but for many of us those amounts are not enough. I myself bought in multiple numbers of what I suggested to U, but I regret shopping too much. Whenever I put Haifa in her clothes, my mind would be calculating how much money I spent for each wear. Let's say for a rm30 sleepsuit, worn only 3 times means that I I spent rm10 for each time she wears it. Not worth the money!

I trully understands the enthusiasm of a first time mother but it would be great to save the money for other important baby stuff, say a stroller? Food processor? Breast pump? Remember U won't be the only one shopping for your baby clothes, the grandparents, aunties, uncles, your friends too! Your baby will get some as presents, I'm positive!

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